You may be wondering, what inspires my photography style?

I believe photography is best captured through the art of STORYTELLING...

If you are just looking for a girl with a fancy camera to take some nice photos then I am not it. Don't get me wrong - I do take some freaking fantastic images lol! BUT there is SO much more involved in this process then just taking pictures and clicking that shutter button. I will bring you an experience of a lifetime. I will bring you friendship and connection. I want to serve you with SO much more than just some pretty photos. I want to get to know you guys and get to know your love! I want you to text me photos of your dress when you get it so I can respond with a million GIFS completely FREAKING OUT about how amazing you are going to look! I want you to reach out to me before you even propose so that I can help in whatever way you need to make it perfect and capture those moments for you too! I want you to email me all of the questions you can think of about your timeline and about what works best for photos! WHY? Well, that is MY job and you can trust that after yearssss of experience I honestly know what works and what doesn't and communicating all of this can make the day so much better for everyone! I want to hear about what you love to do together in your spare time and how you interact and communicate best with each other. When we get to know each other like best friends, I promise I will be able to capture your love story in a way that you can't even imagine!!!

You want your photos to retell the story of your love and of your day? I GOTCHU. Seriouslyyyy!! Hire this girl!

what kind of "vibe" should you have if you want to work well together?

Do you say YES to adventure? Do you love hiking and exploring the outdoors? Do you like going barefoot? Would you be down to get in a river during your session and get those feet wet? Are you down to frolic in a beautiful field? (yes, I mean frolic!) Are you willing to explore new places or try new things? Are you going to be cool as a cucumber when the wind blows your hair a little out of place or if we are out taking photos and it starts to rain?

If you say ABSOLUTELY YES to all of these questions - then we are legit a perfect match!!! If you said YES to even one or two of these things then we are honestly off to a great start and this could work out really well! I LOVE those messy in between moments. Those genuine moments that are unplanned and unposed and purely authentic. Where sure, maybe your hair isn't perfect, but the look on your face is pure HAPPINESS and genuine LOVE. Of course you'll get beautiful detail shots and family portraits too (and you know - those photos that Grandma and Mom just love!), but what brings me the greatest joy and what I absolutely want to serve you with are photographs that transport you back to the feeling you had on that day and in the moment that they were taken, because nothing beats that!

What is most important when capturing your images?

My hope is that your personalities will really shine through in your photos and they will represent your relationship. I want to show off your love and your joy that you have in each other. I pursue authenticity in every session that I am blessed to capture. Genuine and authentic imagery is my goal! Honestly, these are the things that matter to me the most!! Otherwise I can't help but wonder, what the hec are we even doing these photos for!

When you show your photos to your friends and family, I want them to say "WHAAAT! Hokyyyy! These photos are FIRE! These photos are SO much fun!! They are full of life and seriously feel so much like you guys!!!"

I am confident in guiding, posing, and prompting you through so that you feel as relaxed as possible and look your very best. Do like to have fun and laugh a lot? You will seriousLy have such a good time with me! Your session will be easy going and full of laughs. I have no doubts. We will make space for intimate moments too 'cause those are just as important and I will capture those in between little moments too because those often turn out to be my favourite images in a gallery.

... WANT MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE for choosing a photographer for your day?

It is obviously important that you like what you see when it comes to their portfolio. You should love the work and the style of the photographer you are considering of course, but the most important thing that you need to look for is CONNECTION. I can't say enough how freaking important this is! You need to connect with your photographer. Trust me on this - it will make all the difference for the images you receive!

I look forward to getting to know YOU, so that when we work together I can create an amazing experience for you. One that vibes well with who you are and how you interact with each other best. All you have to do is show up as your true selves and and the best version of yourselves!

Do you have a unique idea of how you want your wedding day to look?

Are you going against tradition? Doing your own thing?!

Count Me In!!!

I will be here to cheer you on no matter what type of day you choose to have or what way you choose to celebrate!

Do you have a unique idea of how you want your wedding day to look?

Are you going against tradition? Doing your own thing?!

Count Me In!!!

I will be here to cheer you on no matter what type of day you choose to have or what way you choose to celebrate!

Have you decided the whole biiiig wedding thing is really not for you? That's perfectly cool with me. Are you not following the usual traditions? Great! Are you saying no thanks! to bouquet tosses, garter tosses, or cake cuttings? A- OK with me!

Do you want to have the best day ever and love every minute of your day? YES, I want that for you too!!!

Please stay true to what YOU want, to your vision. What speaks to you most as a couple? How do you picture this day being celebrated?

Want a massive wedding with 300 people - then do it! You want to elope with literally no one but the two of you! FREAKING YES, DO IT!! Want to run away to some other country to get married and not tell anyone until you get back? Do THAT! Do you want to travel to a beautiful and dream destination with just your closest family and friends in attendance? Love that for you!  I think you get the idea. WHATEVER you decide - whatever crazy, spontaneous, fun, unique ideas you may have - I will be there 100% supporting your decisions and 100% ready to document the day you imagined and create some magical imagery for you!!

Are you ready to SEe some magic?

Let ME tell your story!

Are you ready to SEe some magic?

Let ME tell your story!

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